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Thermal analysis and
thermal tests

Discover some of our methods.

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Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and differential thermal analysis (DTA)

The DTA and the DSC are used to measure the amount of heat given off or absorbed by a material as a function of temperature.

application areas

  • Determination of glass transition temperatures

  • Enthalpies of fusion

  • Degree of crystallization

  • Heat capacity

  • Decomposition point

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In TGA, the change in mass of a substance or a mixture of substances is measured as a function of temperature and time.

application areas

  • Determination of the weight change of a material when the temperature increases due to evaporation, decomposition, reduction or oxidation

  • Determination of material proportions in mixtures

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Heat resistance and softening temperature according to Vicat

The heat resistance and softening temperature are a measure of the thermal resilience of plastics. The temperature at a given edge fiber extension or at a defined softening of the material is measured.

application areas

  • The measured values provide information on the practical long-term use limit of thermoplastics

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