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Product analytics

Testing techniques are as diverse as the products and their areas of application themselves.

We are your reliable partner for comprehensive product analysis!

Our experts offer you precise analyses and well-founded evaluations of your products to ensure the highest quality and safety. With the latest technology and decades of experience, we support you in optimizing your product standards and meeting regulatory requirements.

Rely on our expertise to maximize the performance and reliability of your products.


More detailed information using the example of automotive, this can also be applied to other components.

  • Chemical composition

  • Mechanical properties

  • Optical properties

  • Thermal properties

  • Physical Properties

  • Emission

  • Burning behavior


​Learn from your competitors' products, we analyze them for you!

  • Structure and construction

  • Chemical composition

  • Notes on the manufacturing process

Simulation and performance characteristics

A component is exposed to many external influences during its lifetime, which we can simulate in a targeted and time-compressed manner.

  • Climate storage

  • Abrasion and wear

  • Chemical resistance

Do you have questions?

Our experienced team is available to meet your individual requirements and provide you with high-quality analytical solutions.

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