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Analytical services for automotive suppliers

Our commitment

In order to make our commitment to climate protection transparent, we follow the standards of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Direct emissions

These come from our own or controlled sources, such as the operation of our laboratory equipment and company vehicles.

Indirect emissions from purchased energy

These emissions arise from the production of the energy we use, such as electricity and heat.

Further indirect emissions along the value chain

These include emissions from business travel, our employees’ commuting and the production of consumables.

For detailed information and guidelines, please refer to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol , an internationally recognized institution in the field of greenhouse gas accounting.

Our profile

We have carried out a comprehensive analysis of our emissions in our analytical laboratory with 50 employees, which specializes in chemical, physical and other non-destructive analyses.

As a traditional chemical site with a 100-year history, there are a number of promising measures available. Here are the main results:

power consumption

Our laboratory equipment and the air conditioning of our premises are the main sources of Scope 1 and 2 emissions. By investing in more energy-efficient equipment and switching to renewable energy, we aim to reduce these emissions by 30% in the next few years.

Business trips and commuting

Business trips and the daily commute of our employees contribute significantly to Scope 3 emissions. We encourage the switch to public transport, offer incentives for carpooling and increasingly use digital communication tools to minimize the need for travel.

Material consumption

The consumption of chemicals and other laboratory materials is another significant emission factor. We focus on efficient use of resources and sustainable waste management.


For years, ASO has relied on co-financing with customers to finance the measures presented.

The high level of approval from our customers for investments in reducing climate impact confirms our approach.

ASO offers an optional 5% surcharge on the services offered.

The customer can deselect this package at any time if desired.


The ASO has carried out a climate impact analysis, which is reviewed and updated annually by the management.

New measures are outlined, budgeted and prioritized at the same time. The success of the measures is checked using the QM system accredited according to ISO17025.

The measures implemented and those planned for the current year can be requested from the ASO management.

Every contribution counts!

Your support enables us to finance these internal projects and sustainably improve our climate impact. Together we are creating a better future for all of us.

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