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Tailor-made solutions for your industry

Analytics for various industrial sectors

More than 1000 customers from a wide range of industries use our wide range of services.

Our clients deal with a wide range of tasks such as product development, process optimization, production, quality assurance, basic research or technical marketing.

The broad expertise of Analytik Service Obernburg enables you to receive optimal support. Below you will find an overview of our main areas. In case your industry is not listed here, we still offer you comprehensive support.


Our experienced team is available at any time to provide you with individual advice.

Industry Overview


Tailor-made analysis solutions for the automotive industry. Our experts use the latest technologies to precisely characterize materials and components and support automobile manufacturers and suppliers in quality assurance and product development.

ASO Automotive
ASO Medical Technology

Medical technology

Specialized medical device processes to precisely characterize materials and devices. Our experts help customers ensure the safety, quality and performance of their medical device products.

ASO varnishes


High-precision analysis methods for paints to characterize their composition and properties. Our experts support customers in optimizing paints and achieving the highest quality standards.


ASO fibers and fabrics

Fibres & Fabrics

State-of-the-art analytical techniques for the characterization of fibers and fabrics . Our broad range of methods enables precise investigations for a wide variety of applications and needs.


Health & Hygiene

Supporting the health and hygiene industry with high-precision analytical services. Our expertise ensures quality assurance and compliance with strict standards for products and materials in this important area.

ASO Health and Hygiene
ASO Plastics


First-class analytical services for the characterization of plastics. We use the latest technologies to enable accurate and comprehensive analysis of a wide range of plastic materials.

Do you have questions?

Our experienced team is available to meet your individual requirements and provide you with high-quality analytical solutions.

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